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     The ghost of a barefoot woman holding a baby is seen on the ridgetops in Ozark and Tanney Counties alongside the Arkansaw border, allegedly in the Ozark Mountains. Her name is Laurie May Maumsey and she lived in a log cabin in the hills during the 1930's. Her drunken husband threatened to beat (or kill as some stories go) her and her baby unless she gave him money. In the struggle that followed, her child fell from her arms and onto the stone floor. The baby died from the ensuing concussion. Laurie May then ran to the woods and committed suicide shortly after. (Though some accounts have her killed by her husband.) To this day, if you venture into the Ozark Mountains, you may hear the sound of a her crying or glimpse her walking through the forests holding her dead child.

Personal Opinion of Story
For me personally, I'm not sure of this one. Theres not much out there to consider anything. No eyewitness accounts. This is probably an urban legend, although I hope I'm wrong. If you have any info on this story please email me.

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