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Enoch's Knob Bridge

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Enoch's Bridge
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     This creepy old bridge sits near the end of Enoch's Knob Road, between Washington and New Haven, Missouri. The lake below is supposedly haunted by the ghost of a little boy who fell off the bridge many years ago. The hole he fell through is said ti still be visible. (I checked, it wan't there.) His spirit haunts underneath the bridge and sometimes resembles a serpent. (Urban Legend) There is also a story of a man that committed suicide by jumping off the bridge and his ghost also haunts the bridge. (Apparently he fell by accident, more about him later.) Another mystery is that of the barking dogs. Late at night you can hear them, but the only problem is there are no dogs in the area. (Again not true, there are some that live up the road.)  There are other urban legends that surround the area. One is of a gnome with red glowing eyes that appears on Friday the 13th. Another is that you chant demon dog three times, a big black dog with three legs appears. There have also been reports of phantom cars chasing teenagers in the area. Another had the Enochs Knob road sign twisted or bitten off.
                                                  A Couple of Encounters
     A couple went out there and honked three times for the dog.One did appear and was an orange-yellow color with three legs. It stood in the middle of the road and stared. They backed up and turned around and when they looked back it was gone.
     A group of people went down there one nightand said it was very cold and the air was silent. There was no breeze, just an eerie silence. Three of the four went to the bridge and checked it out and heard an earsplitting cry which broke the silence. Two of the three pressed forward and a few minutes later were running back to the car. They took off very fast. They described hearing a growling noise coming from underneath the bridgeand it seemed to go from the bridge to the woods very fast. They heard no running or footsteps through the leaves. They said it was quiet for a few seconds and then it started again. This time it sounded like it was coming from all sides. They had taken off when it sounded like it was coming closer.
     Enoch's Knob is the name of the tall pointed hill along the road near Highway 185. It is the highest elevation in Franklin County. It was named after Enoch Greenstreet, who was an early settler of the area. The water that the bridge crosses over is Boeuf Creek and was named by the early French settlersin the late 1700 or early 1800's. Lewis and Clark noted in thier journalsas the Boeuf river. It may at one time been known as Stiener's Ford.
Pat Kennison
     Patrick "Pat" Kennison fell from the bridge on August 23rd 1987. Apparently he was at a party drinking at the bridge when someone's car got stuck in the cornfields. Most everyone went to help but Pat stayed behind. While being drunk and on painkillers (Was taking them because he was recovering from a broken hip) he decided to climb the bridge. When everyone came back, he was gone. They searched for him and found him lying dead on the rocks below the bridge. He is buried at St. Gertrude's Cemetery in Krakow off Highway YY.Some believe he is responsible for the hauntings.