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Woofee's Ghosts


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What I'm wanting to do here.

Woofee's Ghosts will seek to inform and research haunted area's.

 Woofee's Ghosts originates in the St. Louis area. Although I will do alot of Missouri's haunted places, I will also do some outside of Missouri as well.

Upstairs at the Red Lion Inn June 2004

Pic of the week

This is a picture of my brother taken upstairs at the Red Lion Inn in Chicago in June of 2004. Circled is what looks like a face staring down at him. Its possible it could be light refraction, but another picture taken of me theres no face. They were taken right after one another.  Go to Woofee's Places to see the pic. The Red Lion is known to be haunted by several ghosts including a woman upstairs.

Pages to come

The Flying Dutchman

Enochs Bridge New Haven, Missouri

Holiday Inn Eureka, Missouri

Lemp Mansion

Zombie Road