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Goatman's Grave

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     Between Rolla and St. James, Missouri is Pine Hill Cemetery, where the ghost of the goat man haunts.  The people of St. James calls the area Spook Hollow. Most visitors to the cemetery after dark have reported seeing phantom cars that fly down the road at night and then seem to disappear. Photos in the area won't develop and flashlights stop working all together. Down the other side of the road lie the remains of an old bus. Red glowing eyes have been seen from the busand many visitors describe feelings of dread. The bus apparently at one time was the home of a vagrant pyscopath. Could his spirit be the one watching from the old bus or is it old beer bottles refracting light? Nobody knows for sure.
     Other phenomenon are the strange footprints of the goatman. They're supposedly larger than a bear's and could'nt have been made by a human. Sometimes people have come out of the cemetery with burn marks on thier clothes. Most of these have been people who have been disrespectful. Also to note are several graves covered in limestone. These are the resting places of those who were executed in witch craft trials in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Descendants of these people are buried there as well.
     The cemetery is now well kept up. Trees have been cleared outand there is hope some of the vandalism will end. There is also a local man who takes it upon himself to scare trsspassers away. Many people attribute the phantom cars to him. He is considered dangerous and not to be messed with. maybe he's protecting the secret's of the goatman's grave.